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Fruity Wine Gifts For Mum

Mums are special, and so gifts for mum also need to be special. Every gift basket or hamper we create at BasketsGalore is designed with a specific person in mind. Each individual product is selected with great care and thought to create a gift that she really wants. We don't just take an existing hamper and add something to it to make it a bit more 'mummsy'. That would be the easy option, but it isn't giving mum what she wants or needs.

We use our 15 years of experience to come up with something unique, but not SO innovative that it veers on being a bit wacky or out there. We are always on the look out for products that are a little bit different and of course that are very much enjoyable.

With help from Lyme Bay Winery we are feeling a little bit fruity as far as our wine gifts for mum go. Lyme Bay are based in Devon’s beautiful Axe Valley.  They are a small, dedicated West Country company producing delicious and award-winning English Wines, Fruit Wines, Ciders, Meads and Liqueurs.

There is something exciting about the fact they are an English Vineyard and the fact they produce half size bottles of fruit wine and a variety pack of miniatures. This allows new tasters to experience a variety of flavours before perhaps deciding upon their favourites and opting for a full size bottle.

Their description is "British Hedgerows Bottled" and this just evokes memories of childhood and cycling along through bushes and hedges with your friends in the Summer, trying not to get stung by nettles.

There are many different flavours to choose from including Nettle Wine, Gooseberry, Damson and Cowslip Wine. From the 375ml (half) bottles we opted for 2 Silver Award Winning flavours - Strawberry & Elderberry. We also selected the miniatures gift box which includes 5 different flavours -  Elderberry, Elderflower, Blackberry, Ginger & Sloe Wine.

These exciting little bottles have been combined with other complementary items to create a whole new range of Fruity Wine Gift Baskets especially for Mum. Or Mam, Mom, Mummy, Ma, Mother, Mama and so on...

Mum of course deserves presents on a regular basis, just because of  ALL the things they do for us. It also just so happens that another important Mum-themed occasion tends to fall in March time, in the UK & Ireland. Mothering Sunday, also known as Mother's Day, is held on the fourth Sunday of Lent. It is exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday.

We're going to take a look at some Baskets from our Wine Gifts For Mum range that would make an ideal Mother's Day present. They would also be perfect for Mums birthday or just because she deserves it.

Let's start how we mean to go on with the top end gift basket. Featuring both flavours of fruity wine in the half bottle size and also the miniature gift basket, this lucky mum will receive the full Lyme Bay Winery experience. These can be enjoyed alongside the fruit jellies, handmade chocolate truffles and luxurious drinking chocolate. There are also a number of pampering treats like luxurious bath melts, hand cream and a scented candle to provide some TLC. Personal touches include the "Mum's are like buttons.." mug and choice of poem sure to make her smile.
High End Wine Gift For Mum

Hot on it's heels in the race for the favourite position is the Exceptionally Outspoken Gift Basket. You'll see the duo of fruity half bottles featuring combined with other fruity flavoured chocolates, jelly sweets and fruit crisps. The luxurious bath melts and scented candles really do smell good enough to eat. The personal touches are in the form of a "Potty Lady" plaque and wooden sign, with a choice of Mum to Grandma wording.
Luxurious Wine Gifts For Mum

Featuring a popular new product line of wax melt journal of scents from around the world and a tea light holder to melt them, this new offering really showcases the imagination and creativity that goes into creating our gift baskets for mothers. The choice of 5 different fruity wine miniatures and a 'Best Mummy Ever' mug are also highlights of this gift.
Gifts For Mum With Wine

You will also find similar versions of these fabulously fruity and fun gift baskets, with careful adjustments depending on the recipients personality. Some have more fun, personalised touches while others concentrate on the food and drink component or have more of a pampering focus.
As always we're happy to make amendments to get the perfect gift basket for your mum, so please feel free to send us a quick email or chat with our online advisers if you have any questions or requests. For example, if your mother has more traditional wine tastes and would prefer a Chardonnay, Shiraz or Sauvignon Blanc then we can happily oblige.

We'll be launching further female focused gift hampers over the coming days, so if you think fruity wines aren't for her perhaps your perfect choice will be arriving very soon.


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