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Flowers For Mum Gifts

Our most popular Gift Basket For Mum of all time has to be 'Mother's Day Flowers & Treats'. This is actually kind of amusing as it is somewhat against our original aim to be the "alternative to flowers". Instead of ignoring flowers completely, as let's face it they are still an extremely popular choice of gift, we decided to embrace them in a different manner. Rather than trying to compete with local florists who will always be able to present a more attractive bouquet than one having to travel through a delivery network, we came up with the idea of a flowering PLANT. This attractive floral plant could then accompany a smaller basket of treats to provide the end receiver the best of both worlds.

Historically the 'Mother's Day Flowers & Treats' gift was pitched at a discounted, popular price point and it would be updated slightly each year for repeat Customers. The focus of the basket was on food and this was accompanied by a pretty flowering plant in an attractive container and gift bag. This combination of plant and basket is actually one of the hardest to pack due to the component parts, but perhaps this trickiness and uniqueness is what appeals to everyone. We were also one of the first Gift Companies to offer such a combination, with others offering either a food hamper or a bouquet of flowers. The floral plant itself tends to be a mini rose bush or begonia.

This year we have decided to extend this range of Flowering Plant Gifts even further. They are available as Gifts For Mum all year round, and of course for the most popular occasion of Mother's Day. There are combinations to suit every budget and taste, featuring not only food and flowers, but also the likes of candles, wax melts, handmade wooden plaques, magazines, lotions and potions and more.

Hoping to add more choice to the range of flowering gifts for mum is this creation, combining lots of sweet treats, tea bags, a personalised 'Mum' mug, pretty flowering plant and choice of magazine. The magazine adds the personalisation, the themed mug will remind her how much you care when she is having a cuppa and she can even have a go at growing her own sunflower to go with the pretty rose plant. We have a feeling this will be a very popular choice of gift for Mum.
Blossoming Floral Gift For Mum

Similar to the Blossoming Mother's Day Gift but with personalisation via the 'Dotty Lady' plaques, which are witty and unusual. You can even select your choice from the personalised messages available. The inclusion of her favourite magazine, along with a 'Mum' mug, tea and selection of chocolates will surely lead her to the conclusion that she needs to put her feet up and enjoy some "me time".
Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift For Mum

Designed to be exactly what a Mum will want on Mother's Day, or any other day of the year. A classic selection of chocolates, snacks and drinks just for her, combined with a choice of magazine, 'Mum' mug and a 'Grow Your Own Sunflower" pot. Nowhere else can you find a Gift Basket so diverse in what it offers for a Mother. It's almost like a gift you would put together yourself, only with the handiness and ease of someone else preparing and delivering it for you.
Floral Gifts Galore For Mother

The mum who likes to travel was in mind here with the Wild Olive Wax Melt Journal, inspired by fragrances from around the world, to transport your Mum somewhere exotic this Mother’s Day. Then bring her back to reality with the fine selection of drinks, biscuits, snacks and chocolate. Nowhere else will you see a Gift Basket or Hamper created quite like this one. Others have tried to imitate, but we are so far ahead of the curve that every offering we suggest is by far and above the way to go when considering a gift for your mother.Globetrotting Travel Gift For Mum

A truly luxurious gift for Mum, fancy chocolates, lotions, wax melts, a potted floral plant and all sorts of lovely treats that are sure to earn you serious brownie points on your Mums birthday or for Mother's Day. Imagine this Gift Basket arriving just on time for Mothering Sunday and expect one delighted mother or grandmother enjoying all the treats you have selected for her. We purposely don't pick "fillers" and only things Mum will love.
Floral gift for Mums who like to explore

If any of these Gift Baskets aren't quite right then please don't hesitate to get in touch and we are happy to make changes for you. We can deliver all across Ireland, the UK and Europe on a next day basis or you can choose the Friday before Mother's Day for delivery directly to your Mother.

We are on live chat during business hours, or email us and we will get back within 24 hours. We are here to help.


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