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BasketsGalore - The 10 Stages of Creating A New Gift Basket

At BasketsGalore we receive lots of repeat custom and so like to keep our offering fresh and current. Throughout the past few months our design team have been busy creating new gift baskets for all occasions, which is quite a time intensive task! Here are the 10 main stages we go through when designing new gifts. 1. Selecting the Category - Thank You, Birthday, Easter etc 2. Selecting the Price Range 3. Selecting the Container 4. Selecting the Products 5. Photographing the New Design 6. Whitening & Resizing the Image 7. Naming the Basket 8. Listing the Contents 9. Calculating the Cost, Net, VAT and Sales Prices 10. Adding the Description, Contents & Image to the Website Some baskets turn out to be best sellers, whilst others do not sell sufficient numbers to keep offering them & so will be withdrawn. We are working towards the stage where every single basket is a best seller as this helps us to improve stock management & turnaround times so we can di